Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy New Years Psychedelic Optical Illusion Maze

Happy New Years Maze
New years is a known time of great rejoice and celebrations. As the numbers tick one point in the upward direction at the stroke of midnight, the world is anew for a brief moment, counting down the days till the next new years. This maze should take you a lot shorter than a year or a day to solve. The entrance is from the upper left quadrant and is marked by arrows, likewise, the exits are marked in the lower right quad. Enjoy solving the maze and seeing the words HAPPY NEW YEAR embedded as part of the optical illusion in this psychedelic maze.

If you are seeing this maze on the actual new years, then we wish you a healthy, wealthy and fruitions year of personal growth and self fulfilment.

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The solution to the previous maze, the optical illusion multi sided maze is below

The maze solution of multi sided maze